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Sirha Omnivore Paris 2024

The next Parisian edition of the Youg Cuisine Festival will take place from  Sunday, Septembr 8 to Tuesday, September 10, at the Parc Floral of Paris.
Stay tuned to know more in a few days!

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After the brigades, the cooking is freed from the established order, the rules in force, dictates and certainties. Contemporary chefs deliver a more personal vision, more identity, singular: there is no longer a single cooking but as many foods as those who imagine it.

Creativity frees itself from the classic straitjacket to offer more than an irreproachable dish: an emotion.

Sirha Omnivore is the rear base, the melting pot of this new wave of chefs. Their unbridled, globalized creativity is nonetheless based on an acute awareness of their territories, of their roots.

Welcome to the Young Cuisine!

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